Amsterdam based women’s wear and accessories label LILAY YUZGULEN puts a focus on single designs with a timeless appeal. Well made, and executed with great eye for detail. Each design comes in a drop, building a portfolio of striking yet low-key pieces over time. Since production is relatively small, availability is limited.

LILAY YUZGULEN is a firm advocate of choosing great pieces that outlast trends, those wardrobe knockouts that are never out of, nor in fashion. Pieces you can wear whatever the season or whatever the occasion, so you’ll get great mileage out of them.

Every LILAY YUZGULEN is effortlessly cool, with clean lines and an idiosyncratic appeal. Elegantly understated with a tomboyish finish, it’s laid-back nonchalance for everyday wear.

Designs which add a quirky cool to the wearer – not outshine her.