FAYE Color block On sale

FAYE Color block

$179.00 $295.00

FAYE Jam - SOLD OUT Soon Available


— Soon Available

FAYE Oyster On sale

FAYE Oyster

$179.00 $295.00

FAYE Peanut On sale

FAYE Peanut

$179.00 $295.00

FAYE Popcorn On sale

FAYE Popcorn

$179.00 $295.00

Brushing up against traditionalism, every LILAY YUZGULEN piece is effortlessly cool, including clean lines and an idiosyncratic appeal. The first product drop – leather handbag FAYE – has a timeless appeal, adding some extra oomph to the one wearing it. As the design is based on familiar forms and shapes, this handbag is the ideal catch for any season or occasion.

FAYE reconfigures the traditional handbag with cool idiosyncrasies, making it a clever take on a modern handbag. Due to its fresh design, it adds a quirky cool to the wearer, without outshining her.